Puffin Cruises

Photo: Jean Hall

The Seabird Institute is proud to partner with local companies to offer a unique opportunity to view the thriving seabird colony at Eastern Egg Rock and learn about seabird restoration from an Audubon Naturalist!

In addition to puffins, passengers may see endangered Roseate Terns, Arctic Terns, and Common Terns, along with Black Guillemots, Common Eiders, a variety of gull species and many other seabirds. Tour participants have also seen Harbor Seals, Minke Whales, and Harbor Porpoises. Please keep in mind that wildlife is unpredictable. Viewing any of the mentioned species is not guaranteed.

Puffin tours begin in early June and run through mid-August, occur rain or shine, and are dependent on sea conditions. Bring appropriate attire – include a sweater or windbreaker and sunscreen. Additionally, binoculars are strongly recommended to enhance your viewing experience.

Other Puffin Tours in Maine

Please note the following tours DO NOT include Audubon Naturalists.

Monhegan Boat LineOut of Port Clyde, ME

Bold Coast Charter Company – Out of Cutler, ME

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