Audubon Live Cams

Watch Maine coast seabirds and osprey build nests and raise their young!

In partnership with, you can watch puffins, razorbills, terns, and osprey find mates, build nests, socialize and raise their chicks during the spring and summer months.

During the fall and winter months, the Seal Island NWR cams switch to monitor Gray Seals, with the Gray Seal Pupping Cam.

Cams are live 24/7 as often as possible during their peak seasons. Chat boards are moderated by the Seabird Institute’s Outreach and Communications Assistant during this time.



Seal Island NWR is host to five seabird livestreamed cams during the nesting season. Watch puffins, guillemots, and their relatives the razorbills and murres and others on the Puffin Loafing Ledge Cam and the Boulder Berm Cam. You will also get glimpses of our tern population, along with other assorted visitors.

The Puffin Burrow CamPuffin Burrow Exterior View Cam, and Black Guillemot Burrow Cam are definitely the fan favorites, as they are able to give viewers a glimpse into the life of a puffin and guillemot family raising their young.

Watch as these dedicated seabird parents meet up each season, build their nests, lay and incubate eggs, and then hatch and feed their chicks.

During the season there is even a fan contest, where viewers are encouraged to participate in naming the current year's chicks!



The Audubon Osprey Nest Cam is located at the Hog Island Audubon Camp in Bremen, Maine. Hog Island is located with in the National Audubon Society’s 300-Acre Todd Wildlife Sanctuary. Hog Island Audubon Camp hosts six-day birding, ornithology, and natural history programs for adults, teens, and families during the camp season.

Another option to view the Ospreys is to visit the Audubon Boat House Osprey Cam. This additional camera sits atop the Audubon boat house on the mainland at the Todd Wildlife Sanctuary. From this camera, viewers can also see the Hog Island Audubon Camp, an idyllic habitat where more than 200 species of birds live.  



Seal Island NWR is also home to the Gray Seal Pupping Cam, a live camera where fans can get amazing views of a Gray Seal colony. Follow the Gray Seal pups in their first few months of life as you watch them grow up! In addition, catch glimpses of the Bald Eagle population on Seal Island.

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