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Protecting Ocean Habitat for Atlantic Puffins

New findings by the National Audubon Society reveal where puffins that nest in Maine go in the winter. Long a mystery, tiny tags attached to leg bands helped discover that Atlantic Puffins rely on an area known as the New England Coral Canyons and Seamounts. This area, located at the edge of the continental shelf is about 200 miles Southeast of Cape Cod. Here, underwater mountains and vast canyons thousands of feet deep provide critical habitat for an astonishing array of ocean wildlife. Puffins are likely attracted to the region because of the productive upwelling that offers abundant food-the same conditions that favor whales, porpoise, tuna, sailfish, and other seabirds. This dynamic environment attracts ocean wildlife from both the coast of New England and far offshore.

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Puffin on Deep Blue Sea
Photo: Stephen W. Kress

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