Sia Rasalato 2012 Herz Fellow

Sia Rasalato (FIJI ISLANDS) was the 2012 Herz International Seabird Fellow.

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Sialasi (Sia) Rasalato is a young conservationist employed by Birdlife International Programme based in Suva, Fiji. He graduated from the University of the South Pacific with a Degree in Arts majoring in Geography and Land Use Planning, with emphasis on Biogeography and GIS. He is currently pursuing a Post graduate degree in Geography and Environmental Studies. As a Conservation Officer for Birdlife International, he provides support for the coordination and management of two projects entitled: 'The Restoration of Pacific Seabird Islands' and 'Restoration of Priority Pacific Island Ecosystems for People and Biodiversity'. This includes facilitating community support for the restoration of seabird islands and for securing lasting protection agreements for nine (rat) eradicated islands in Fiji.

Through his work with Birdlife International, Sia supports the implementation of restoration and land protection activities for these restored sites, including eradication feasibility assessments, operational planning, island biosecurity surveys and monitoring of restored islands. He has extensive experience in the use of mapping software and participated in biodiversity surveys for priority (terrestrial) conservation areas and was responsible for the production of survey maps. Since joining BirdLife in late 2009, Sia has been involved in various field excursions, including feasibility surveys on targeted seabird islands for the eradication of invasive alien species, primarily rats and goats; monitoring two of Fiji's (terrestrial) Important Bird Areas and monitoring of populations of seabirds on globally important seabird islands. He most recently become involved in research and mapping of treated seabird islands and potential candidate seabird islands for the Pacific region.

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