40th Anniversary Party

Help us celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Project Puffin!
Puffin 40th Anniversary Party

We cordially invite you to join us on Hog Island, Bremen, Maine on August 12th and 13th to celebrate Project Puffin’s 40th year managing and restoring Maine seabird colonies.

Registration for the 40th Anniversary Party will be managed via the Hog Island Camp’s online registration program “Camper Reg”.  

Registration is divided by the primary events: dinner and evening fun on the 12th, a boat trip around Egg Rock followed by lunch on the 13th, and. the infamous Hog Island Lobstah dinner. If you’d like to experience a night or two on one of the most beautiful islands on the coast of Maine, you can also register to stay in one of the Hog Island dorms or register for a space where you can set up your own tent on the island. The famous “Puffineer Road Rally”, Island Jeopardy and new “Small Crafts Advisory” workshops are scheduled for the afternoon of August 13th.  There is no separate registration fee for these fun events, but you should email our party planner, RuthAnne Facer ruthannehoffner@gmail.com if you plan to ONLY attend these events, so we can make sure someone is available to transport you from the mainland to Hog Island.

This year’s celebration begins at 1600 hours (4 p.m.), shortly after the close of the 2013 Gulf of Maine Seabird working Group (GOMSWG) meeting. If you would like to also attend the GOMSWG meeting, meet at the boathouse at the bottom of the hill no later than 0830 on August 12th. (Please email Rose rborzik@audubon.org if you plan to attend the GOMSWG meeting.)

Reconnect with other Puffineers and meet the 2013 Puffineer brigade!

Click HERE to register through Camper Reg.

Slides and historic videos will be shown in the Fish House after dinner. Do you have Project Puffin photos to share?  If so, please upload them HERE.  

Whether or not you can attend, please visit our Google doc to update your contact information and tell us about what you’ve been up to since your Puffineer days.

Click HERE to go to the Google doc.

In case you didn’t know…

Our earliest Puffineers may recall the program as the “Puffin Project”; later we reversed the words and became “Project Puffin”. Because Project Puffin expanded its scope, our official Audubon program name is now “Seabird Restoration Program” (SRP) and we use the name “Project Puffin” in conjunction with our popular find-raising program, Adopt-A-Puffin. Whatever program name you remember, we are proud to refer to ourselves as Puffineers! 

The mainland Todd Wildlife Sanctuary has been the home base of the program since its inception. From the earliest years of Project Puffin, Hog Island and its “Fish House” have served as the site of our opening season training sessions and the gathering place for the end-of-season GOMSWG (Gulf of Maine Seabird Working Group) meeting. With support from “Friends of Hog Island”, SRP assumed management of the Hog Island Camps in 2010. We are honored to continue operation of the Hog Island Camp programs which are a very important part of Audubon’s legacy of environmental education.

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