Seabird Island News - Vol. 1 - 26 May 2023

Eastern Egg Rock Island - View From Porch

The Seabird Island News is back. Follow along with us this season as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Project Puffin!

The month of May has been busy on our Gulf of Maine seabird islands. Members of the seabird science team, assisted by other staff and volunteers, spent time preparing the islands for the return of seabirds and researchers alike. Pre-season preparations included laying vegetations mats, cleaning up marine debris that washed onto the islands, and rebuilding the field stations and restrooms.

Matinicus Rock Repairs and Seal Island Blind Building

Our summer research teams have deployed to all seven islands staffed and managed by the Seabird Institute. Making repairs, setting up blinds, and assembling solar energy systems are a sampling of tasks tackled by these intrepid scientists. Blustery weather has slowed down some efforts, but the tenacious spirit of these researchers keeps these projects moving forward.

Picture of a razorbill with this weeks Bird Word

Island Highlights

Puffins standing on granite boulders
Loafing is the behavior of puffins walking around on the rocks. Photo: Seal Island NWR
Stratton Island Egret Chicks
The team on Stratton Island found nests filled with egret chicks during the island’s waterbird survey. Photo: Stratton Island
Egg Rock Atlantic Puffin on Boulder
Puffin re-sighting efforts have begun! Researchers utilize spotting scopes to read the unique numbers on each birds leg bands. This little puffin is keeping it's identity under wraps! Photo: Eastern Egg Rock
Seal Island Black Guillemots splashing in the water
Black Guillemots splashing in the water just off the coast of Seal Island. Photo: Seal Island NWR

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